C. Sean Hundtofte

Yale Doctoral Candidate - Financial Economics

Fields of interest:



Household Finance, Financial Distress, Behavioural Economics

Suite 3220 Evans Hall, P.O. Box 208200, New Haven CT 06520-8200

sean.hundtofte 'at' yale.edu

Working Papers
    • "Non-strategic Mortgage Option Exercise"
      • I use a field experiment to explore the role of non-strategic factors in the exercise of two key options available to a mortgage borrower: default and prepayment. Simple low-cost treatments increase prepayments in the short-run and decrease contractual delinquency in the long-run. I propose a Prospective Memory-based explanation of both facts. I find the gradual decrease in defaults cannot be explained by option-exercise or dual trigger models of default, and the temporary increase in prepayments cannot be explained by popular models of “rational inattention”.
    • "Failing to Fail Banks: The Real Effects of Regulatory Forbearance and Low Quality Capital"
      • Analysis of the US Savings and Loan Crisis and subsequent recession.
    • "Anchored Valuations"  
    • "

      Relative Price 

       Relative Value: Context Affects Returns in Sports Betting Markets

       with Andrew Meyer and Shane Frederick
      • We test for a compression in gambling odds.  Results from the market data and also from the lab are consistent with contrast effects. The valuations of bets appear to be influenced by the odds available on similar - but completely independent - outcomes.
Work In Progress
  • "Teaching Investors Out of the Disposition Effect", with James Choi, Daniel Egan, and Emily Haisley
  • "Why do Borrowers Repay Debts? A Loan Modification Field Experiment"