C. Sean Hundtofte

PhD Candidate - Financial Economics (expected by May 2016)
I will be at the 2016 ASSA meetings.

Office address: 
Suite 3220 Evans Hall, P.O. Box 208200, New Haven CT 06520-8200

sean.hundtofte 'at' yale.edu

Fields of Interest:
Household Finance, Behavioural Economics/Finance, Financial Intermediation, and Real Estate
Research Overview: I study financial distress, where there is substantial regulatory oversight and a large degree of variation in the incentives and financial sophistication of lenders, regulators, and borrowers. I explore questions related to the borrowing and the servicing of debt, and hope to shed light on how financial decisions lead to distress or change in distress.  I am also interested in the study of human behaviour with financial tasks in general.  
Background: I am a 5th year PhD candidate in the Financial Economics program at Yale. Before Yale, I had a successful career in distressed investing, where I focused on consumer finance, mortgage, and bank-related investments. Previously I managed a portfolio construction team at the world's largest hedge fund, worked on the capital structure arbitrage and fixed income research desks at a pair of investment banks (one of which famously went bankrupt many years after I left!), and pursued computer science research in computer vision/pattern recognition.  
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